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tv   [untitled]    January 18, 2015 11:30pm-12:01am PST

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ill be maine throughout the the process. >> absolutely in all of the as phil mentions this liesful from our lease it falls into the reporting we currently do this will be include in the port staff reports and we'll be tracking how quickly we're get to the break even point. >> thank you and then does this lease end in 2016-2017. >> march 21st 2017 and a year and a half. >> two years. >> two years. >> but we're and i morris over 2 years. >> if we break even the revenue sharing b low begin sooner.
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>> what happens in two years when the lease expires. >> in two years when the lease expires we go through the same measure which has happened twice. >> we've done a new lease excuse me. and sustained that lease. >> what happens if the lease is not extend. >> you're more familiar with the lease term than i am. >> that will be the giant risk. >> yes. definitely some risk as i noted under the two years left in the lease as negotiated in the 2010 i can't remember exactly but the provisions for the events but does not have an automatic renewal we'll have to renegotiate with giant or this
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china based company in large parrot it was long term the project itself has a timeline we'll be bringing up an update hopefully in march but go into detail will the timeline for that project the timeline for the larger project definitely effects the lease renewal for the parking lot. >> following up up on that when we negotiated this you explicit except it to be drawn out and given today it will be only two years left on this i understand the timeline on the larger project but it's likely that it would be an extension of some kind i'm trying to understand why we wouldn't be contemplating
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that now. >> yeah. it's a good question the timing which this project we haven't had time to hash out the negotiation the experience last time it took time to complete those negotiations not that it will take that much time but this timeline is a project timeline we want to make sure we got it up and running i'm sure you're aware of before you we were hoping to have it in place last time but we asked them to hold off it pushes the deadline and raises the question what happens in 2017 we have to have
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it discussion next year. >> maybe i can 2k4r5b9 when the park negotiated the lease the cbc had to invest a significant amount of money to prepare the parking lot for parking cars including capturing the stormwater run 06 they invested a lot of money and therefore had substantial represent credit in the last lease we brought the lease to market what's phillips awe eluding to when the lease is at market there will be minor adjustment we'll not have the difficult process quickly we'll know better what our end date where last time it was pretty expansive number of times.
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>> it's my understanding you don't have you know you're not presenting the specification you're not preempt to do that since you're talking to tenant but we have this idea that it will be profitable in year 3 so some point do we'll to signify we get more dmraldz to understand the timelines in terms of what the need will be in terms of the extensions along with the other projects that's still a project not with answers the other questions it relative to say this offering going to be 7 days a week or only on the weekends or game days or whatever what's the plan. >> my understanding is it is for daily active 7 days a week. >> commissioner adams.
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>> sorry john again commissioner the quick answer we understood when we took this risk when we running rap up migrants a later start date but a more current finish date we took a risk over a 3 year a.m. shin period we understand our relationship stevend the parking lot but shipping it out the plan not to do the mission rock all at once again but move it around the site that's the good news mr. about shipping containers you move them around the site enduring during the lifetime so we anticipate if so it approved we'll start the constricts we'll continue the activity so the arrangement we have with you now
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will continue for the prarmgs opportunity. >> that begs figuring out to see discuss how to contemplate using this project throughout the site if it's movable as soon as we can. >> that will be great. >> and certainly part of the annual at least which we anticipate that was contemplated in the term sheet that had been a key part of it. >> now everything we don't fully in terms of sorry commissioner adams as you touched on the parking i know we projected revenue from that increased parking to be on non-game days is it going to be tied to the yard project or do
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you anticipate some additional people coming down and utilizing the parking lot and the anticipated use on the non guy. days are surrounding the yard for the daily business and the events we through there for the public and people will drive down to see a movie things like that so for daily attendance but. >> currently the parking lot is closed not on a game day. >> it is operating year-round 365 bans a point of privilege based on a revenue we see that's the baseline we're going off of. >> okay. thank you and then most of my questions were
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answered thank you for come back with more specification so make sure the port will be made whole and answering our financial concerns from last time a couple of issues in terms of the park let portion on the street on game days will you all be taking over the maintenance of that including any impact on the street there as a result of the park let? >> yes. anything associated with the memorable pieces of furniture will be in our maintenance commenting commitment the street closure itself is down through i'm sure you're aware of external agencies due to the pedestrian traffic on game days. >> so if there's any impact to the street or damage or things like that from moving the park
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let before or after does repair and maintenance of that those kinds of things. >> yes. they anticipate if there's anything that changes or harm findings of our occupation of the park let we'll return it to its oriental condition. >> thank you and then those are the power sources will this be on generators or how are the facilities. >> there are two existing transmitters and those are located locally we'll be using pg&e not generateors but some during the event we'll be using quote power. >> that might not an opportunity for solar power
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and then i know you've heard us speak earlier when we were hearing about our success with pier 33 and a half and working with local folks trillion to come up with a different way to provide opportunity that normally present themselves for some of the businesses or there was hurdle would you consider looking at some options to try to remove some of the traditional barriers for the above the blue and windy sea above the blue and windy sea local businesses. >> absolutely that's been a key goal and value we've had for this project all along this is a major issue some of the airs will be 8 by 20 feet that's affordable and looking at rotating through some of the areas so smaller enterprises go maybe not going com into a one or 5 year lease.
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>> most all the time and possibly looking at going to one of the births permanent space and i'm sorry the other final comment we're also looking at a fishgs mix for all the tenants and trying to forego you know be in line with how the port operates and the smaller tenants allowing them to operate and a percentage we're sharing being their gross. >> is there a percentage rent on this would two. >> a 25 percent. >> i'm sorry but you're lazy with our tenants will be month to month or - >> i'm sorry commissioner. >> the terms of the leases you'll grant to the various
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operators will be structured as month to month or how do you do structure them and it's a range so several of the larger ones for the 2017 the ones with the bigger equipment for the smaller spaces that accommodate a easier turnover we've put out a public rfp with the port as well as on people can come back and say we would like to be there a month or 3 months it can be at a later date tairld. >> you've addressed my other question will there be rotating vendor will there be any kind of formal entertainment not on a
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massive scale but samuel shows. >> definitely we've talked about with a number of tenants already maybe friday night and the public can come and look at the water and listen to movie and so certainly there will be programs often on a white blood cell go or monthly basis something as small as a yoga class. >> let's move forward and enlighten and quiet spates thank you for coming here and next 12 informational presentation of
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the draft commercial guidelines. >> good afternoon, commissioners and commissioner president katz graegsz the rest of the commissioners give me a moment for a brief presentation on the screen here i'm dan with the ports planning and development division i'm here to give you an informational presentation on
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the rewriting of the ports guidelines with the purposes have to clarify the port policies on signage to meet the needs of port tenants and to manage put signage in alignment with that development of historic property and other properties we have okay. the topics i'd like to cover include a brief introduction to the current sign guidelines and some of the challenges we meet and putting signs on port properties as we've had experience in the past years and what new commercial sign guidelines could look like port adapted it's current sign guidelines in 1997 a few months
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before the guideline it allows did signage based on the linear side it is a one-size-fits-all that works well with the seawall shortly after the guidelines the port adapted the waterfront and in 2004 the embarcadero historic district and in 2014 the land works historic district we've found that the current sign guidelines are not responsive to how you place signage on historic structures and don't allow full visibility with the one-size-fits-all approach as you go down the pier protons the
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building inspection buildings go don't meet the needs how signage goes on historic structures the attempt to look at those and come up with solutions the good news throughout the last 10 to 15 years since the adaptation of the waterfront plan we've had success in the development world we've worked with the state historic officer as to how to put signage on buildings we've heard again, a great concern on how to put signage on those buildings in the embarcadero praumd how to place signs on buildings in a manner it's consistent with the secretary standards for historic renovation we've also heard concerns about placing the
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sooifrnz on the seawall how the developers with familiar with the city sign and it's different or the same as ours i want to bring that into alignment we've worked at fisherman's wharf and continuing working up against the sign that don't fit the character the official quality of the area has to do with the signage and it's greater than other parts of city that's part of the excitement of the area how do we address that and we also have different needs in the southern waterfront that our guidelines don't address how to meet the scale and recognize the first types of uncles we've come up with an approach that starts out saying let's be capable with
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the city's structure how he write the code sharing the definition they use for the structure organizations to what a document what about to making it easier for people that do busy on both sides of the line looking at developing specific career to aid the criteria and how businesses get their visibility down our pier patrons and recognize the southern waterfront industrial buildings and incorporate the signage guidelines programs that interesting have been established such as at ferry building and the ball park and for the pier 70 historic district i'd like to faxing take a few
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minutes to walk through the embarcadero historic district to give you an idea of the methodology used in developing those the port with partners have demonstrated property xhfbtd with the historic guidelines that are occupied by existing businesses there's a few basic criteria one is that business signed commercial signs had it should be distinct and complimentary held away from the wall of the building for example, in most cases be perpendicular so they're not part of the historic fabric we've come up with solutions you see it on the canopy that is described you get a glance of the banner and
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looked at it other types of signage how you apply that to the building in the xhaesh historic district those signs were attached to the building so the requirement it fits within the architecture fabric using the colors that may blend in we also are looking at the improvements viewed collective 33ly they need to be with the resources and look at the proper amount that a building can take that requires discretion i mean, i'll give you example as we move forward we looked at bulk heads separately in order to develop the most appropriate response to each the bulk heads have several types of acres and smaller openings here's an example of the doors of the pier 79 and a
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half we examined how the signage what can be added done in ways that pass the historic test and this one you see the addition of the awnings over the windows and some the finding as we look at that we did a similar type of analysis with the bulk head buildings we placed the canopy and the andrew's at the slight place and banners this is perpendicular to the building wall in a light weigh manner we've had an opportunity to vet some of this on the past projects we believe it will pass the historic reviews we did a similar analysis on pier sheds
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how to add identity we added andrew's and banners to denote appearance this is where we loaded it up is the color too much and backed up and said what might backing pass we tried to push the limit and of the right amount for the guidelines for the commercial signage often placing signage on the buildings is not adequate to notice the property owner we're looking at coming up with standards for freestanding signed and the dimensions basically, it calls for at all narrow signs that are perpendicular to allows the views into the water yet turning the flater signed in the praumd
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and stipulate maximum height and wealthy directions we've got great successes we've also been asked to provide identity on the pier sheds with our major tenant we've got pier one and 2 we're looking at more their historically pier 31 had a mural painted on the end of that that's been touched so buildings have been use for a similar type of we've loofrnltd graft out where signage or murals may be able to be added and consistent with the requirement that we tried placing signage on small medium and large pieces and come back with the guidelines with a professional we think it going to pass and also take public
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comment and looked at some of the shed walls adjacent and it's for the identification of the port used for a larger scale set up for longer distances where a lot of signages is oriented towards pedestrians and vehicles from the embarcadero e.r. other districts, of course what i'm returning to it is the embarcadero district that's all i'm going to do today regarding the next steps continue the guidelines of the signage we're about to realties for review with city planning and some of our public groups and with our key tenants and then refine those based on comments and rupture to the commission for consideration and adaptation hoping by july of this year that concludes my presentation. at this time.
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>> thank you any public comment? seeing none, public comment is closed commissioner ho >> thank you for the report it's nice to see the graphics i appreciate i think it is a good idea because what our doing here is trying to introduce branding to the port and signage is part find that and to be able to create a good brand you have to have the visual graphics that are consisting presented in terms of what the signage itself and what it says its a good step forward to have something that helps us to as i said have advertising and brand the port in a directive. >> have we considered for some
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of the larger spaces the bulk headings heads for advertising. >> that report addressed the commercial guidelines that's the reminded that the business use has to be located at the location of the signage what i believe you sdribld is called general advertising that is currently for a use not at the location our current sizes up don't permit advertising and we're not suggesting. >> i'm thinking more of the welcome home not at the end of the bulk heads and whether or not the tenant or someone else for the larger space have we thought about putting a b on the advertising whether they're a attended the larger ones we'll have - i don't know it's a
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thought. >> to date, no we haven't we're still with the prestep but enclosure that going forward it came up very well during the america's cup by the authority brand the snooerpz using but by tenants who wanted the viewers from the water and air to be able to recognize them it's not that it's not on the work plan but we haven't gotten there yet. >> i guess to clarify it is not general advertising but related to the tenant tests general advertising for the city's guidelines is prohibited on the building if it's the note related to the tenant. >> currently it's not in the ports currently commercial signage i could look the second
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part as to whether it's consistent with the city's guidelines. >> year and a half i happen to know the answer having worked at the planning department it is permitted it needs to be business-related. >> that's - the former supervisor wrote the legislation knows the legislation well. >> (laughter). >> what a trick question. >> i wanted to make sure we're in compliance that addresses some of commissioner brandon's questions. >> i was asking about the tenants signage and i. >> and we get the sense there's a demand for that but not gotten to that point in being able to study it. >> perhaps some appreciable signage as it exceeds a seat belt amo


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